Passive, social Extra-Income

You want an unconditional, extra additional income?

no matter, if you want to ...

... have more free time, fulfill your dreams,
retire earlier or make more money:




A social network from human to human with monthly income via donations

Fair and social distribution of donations: Members donate directly monthly among each other to their deposited accounts / payment options. Our network conveys direct donations from member to member. This creates 100% safety, so that no donations can be misused or embezzled.
Club4You offers a home for all people, who wants to build a team in order to generate mothy increasing profits through donations. The membership can be transferred to third parties and is hereditary.

Wich advantages does club4you offer to me: 


1. No company / operator, who receive donations or charges - a network from human to human

2. 100% safety for your monthly increasing profits in the future - every membership is hereditary

3. Monthly income through donations directly from member to member - without limit!

4. Social and fair distribution of donations - for all members worldwide the same

5. Donation Network with direct and passive earnings from 3 levels

6. Worldwide making money from home with a legal network

7. No product sale - no service sale - suitable for every human

8. personalized advertising material & administration for your own social network

9. Main income oder part time - worldwide to financial freedom



Mainly there is no risk at all. When you even can talk about risk, it would be the donation amount of 30€ a month. Because every Club4You-Membership can be self terminated at „my data“ any time, the risk is manageable.

We only see advantages, to test and drive forward the possibility for at least one year. New ways also mean ne opportunities.

How do i become a member at club4you?


Every person or company can acquire a membership by signing up here.
There is one membership each per person or company allowed.

How much does this membership cost me?


Each member pledges oneself to donate 30€ monthly. The donations split up to 3 Members to 10€ each. The donation is to be paid on the 1st up to until the 5th of each month.

Registrations from the 6th of each month pay their donations in the following month.

Do you still have questions?

Please write to me using the contact form, I'd like to help you and stand by with advice and action.

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